Hi! I’m Melody (friends call me Mel so feel free to do so!) and I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I currently reside in the beautiful city of Raleigh, NC, also known as the Oak City.

I am originally from Queens, NY but I have been living in NC for ten years. I love it here! I have been married for 14 years to a wonderful husband and we are pet parents to our crazy kitties. Some facts about me:

  • I am half Puerto Rican and half Irish/English descent.  I don’t speak Spanish but I can dance merengue, salsa and bachata!
  • I am a big bookworm and have been since I was little. When I was had to be punished, it was by not allowing me to read for a week as taking the TV away had no affect.
  • I am a big geek. I love sci-fi.
  • My husband is from Sweden and we have lived in Sweden, London (for 2 years), NYC (where I am from), Charlotte, NC, Wilmington, NC (for 7 years) and now Raleigh, NC. 

Mostly importantly I really love meeting new people! It’s very important to be comfortable with whoever shoots your wedding, your family photos, any of your special moments. The vast majority of the clients I’ve had over the years I have stayed in contact with so I really look forward to meeting and getting to know you.